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Dr. Bruce also holds a degree in physio therapy allowing him to incorporate physiological therapeutics into each patient's treatment plan when needed. Dr. Bruce's passion to see each patient reach optimal health has driven him to study nutritional counseling and how food impacts the healing process. He encourages all patients to examine not only their physical complaints, but also how those complaints may be exacerbated by their nutritional habits.

Dr. Bruce became a nationally certified medical examiner in 2014. This certification allows him to better serve his community by providing DOT physical certifications for commercial and non-commercial drivers.

Children love Dr. Bruce's humor and gentle touch. His older patients enjoy sharing their life experiences and richly enhance Dr. Bruce's philosophy on life, faith, and family. 

Mary grew up in Canton, just a few miles south of the office. She grew up singing and had a career in music until she had their son, Ashton, in December of 2000. Falling in love with their son, she decided to postpone her career and be a stay-at-home mom. After completing her role as a homeschool mom, she joined Dr. Bruce in the office as office manager. Mary loves interacting with the patients. You will never get by her without some amount of conversation.  She enjoys building strong relationships with family and friends, bible studies. volunteering with non-profit charities, trail running, and mountain biking.


Lisa became a part of our team as Health Coordinator in January 2016 and became certified in Holy Yoga the fall of 2017. She has been a dear friend of Mary's for years. She inspires everyone she meets with her vivacious personality and zeal to live a purposed life. Join Lisa on Mondays and Thursdays for Holy Yoga (8:45am, 10:00am or 6:00pm).        

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Kaitlyn Setser, Teresa Resendiz, and Kelly Jarrett make up this dynamic team. Some of their specialties include Swedish massage, sports massage, and trigger point release, reflexology, lymphatic drainage, and prenatal massage. 

Dr. Bruce received a Doctorate in Chiropractic Medicine from Life University in 1998. Dr. Bruce specializes in treatment of the spine for all ages. He utilizes many full spine techniques such as Diversified, Thompson, SOT and uses hands on adjusting as well as instruments such as the Activator. His integrated techniques combine skilled manipulation with soft tissue and skeletal components. Dr. Bruce's knowledge of nutrition, sports injuries, pregnancy, early childhood, neck and back injury, as well as his interest in patient education and rehabilitation allow him to partner with each patient to help them achieve optimal health. 



the Doc

Dr. Bruce grew up in the small town of Jasper. At the age of eleven, he began experiencing migraine headaches. His mother, a nurse, tried every traditional treatment for his migraines, but he saw no relief. She sought chiropractic treatment for him and he found relief within a few months. This experience inspired him to pursue a career in alternative medicine. He continues to expand his knowledge in alternative medicine each year as he attends numerous educational seminars for functional medicine, nutrition, and therapeutic exercises. Dr. Bruce enjoys spending time with his wife, Mary, and their son, Ashton. As a family, they enjoy hiking, mountain biking, traveling, and service work within and outside their community.